Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Red Bull Flugtag Prague

If only I'd gotten here one day earlier, I could have witnessed Red Bull Flugtag Prague. For those not familar with Flugtag, or "Flying Day", here's a brief summary:

The idea of the Red Bull Flugtag is stunningly simple. The home-made flying machine may be no longer than 6 meters & no wider than 10, and may only run on pure muscle power! It should also be able to float, as each Red Bull high-flyer splashes down in the water - so that a not unwelcome return to Mother Earth, albeit wet, is provided for the pilots. The quantity and quality of the hopeful pilots' entries for previous flying days all around Europe have confirmed that to fly is still Man's greatest dream. The entrants then have to build their machines - and hope!

Flying depends on having the right attitude. Although for most of the flying machines the six metre high take-off ramp is the highest point they'll ever reach in their short life-span, the competitors proudly climb into their creations to win over the illustrious jury. At the Red Bull Flugtag the distance of the aeronautic descent is marked and points are also given for the machine's originality. It's doesn't matter how the pilots arrive in the water - horizontally or in a nose-dive, elegantly or in hilarious fashion - what does matter is that in the evening, they all have a great party together and swap stories over the day's unusual flying experience...

Here's some video from the event in Prague on the River Vltava. I hate I missed this.

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