Thursday, April 27, 2006

Juggling Act

Sometimes staying on top of two kids under 5, a job, my soccer supporters club, soccer coaching, my blogs, my IT internship for our local soccer team, and my bike riding feels a bit like this...

I guess the key is a driving Soundtrack to keep you on song!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lunch Menu: Chocolate Bunnies & Discolored Devilled Eggs

If the lunch menu consists of chocolate bunnies and slightly pastel-colored devilled eggs, it must be Easter. Here are a few photos from our festivities this weekend.

Two Weeks of Soccer Photos

In the last two weeks, I've shot over 5 gigabytes of soccer photos. I hope my soccer blog readers have had as much fun viewing the photographs of the US National Team, USL First Division pro teams, and ACC collegiate teams as I did shooting them out at SAS Soccer Park. I even managed to get a few of my photos picked up by the marketing departments at the Rochester Rhinos, Atlanta Silverbacks, and for use in their publicity efforts.

Shooting the US National Team practices (4/9 & 4/10) and game on Tuesday was really a dream come true as an amateur soccer photographer, but honestly, it still can't compare with shooting your own son playing. What a great way to finish up a fantastic fortnight of soccer here in the Triangle.

Here are some photos of Max's Dream Camps' U5 Sweden team playing at Green Hope Elementary this morning.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Washed and Dried

See the picture on left...nothing remarkable about it really. Just another soccer photo -- I've taken plenty.

But here's the catch. That photo came off a CompactFlash card that I washed and dried by accident this week. Color me amazed that it didn't damage the card but all the pictures seem to have come out fine! Posted by Picasa