Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Liz and I have been on holiday for a couple of days while my mom has been watching the kids. We've been cooling our jets in Asheville and just generally relaxing. We didn't do anything terribly exciting (no, not the Biltmore Estate) but that wasn't really the point of this trip.

We did see Blades of Glory, which had me laughing harder that just about anything I've seen in a long time. The rest of the time, we basically milled around art galleries and shops and ate some good food (no requirements for chicken fingers on the menu without the kids).

We saw a quaint little artisan village called Black Mountain and we visited the highest summit east of the Mississippi. Here are a few of the cool artists we saw:

Thursday, April 05, 2007


My friend Lisa "blog tagged" me today in a post about what music she was listening to, so now I'm obligated to list what's spinning in my music player (do mp3 files spin?  I guess if there's a hard drive in the iPod...)

Tuesday was a big "new release" day I had been looking forward to for a while so at the top of my list are three CDs that came out this week:

A few other albums that are getting a ton of airplay right now:

More than anything though these days, I listen to podcasts.  I'm presently subscribed to about 35 podcasts so simply trying to keep up with them keeps my iPod almost continually engaged.  Here's a few of my favorite podcasts at the moment:

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