Monday, June 26, 2006


Well somehow, I made it. It's 10pm CEST and I haven't fallen asleep yet. The team building exercise turned out to be a bit of a Prague scavenger hunt. After about 10 minutes, me and two Aussies decided not to get off the Metro with the rest of the group and headed to the downtown square where they were showing the World Cup on a giant screen. We gathered there and watched with hundreds (maybe a thousand?) Aussie, Italian, and neutral supporters to watch the match. I was completed gutted for my new Aussie friends when they lost on a penalty kick as stoppage time expired. I have no doubt that the penalty was drawn by yet another Italian dive...disgusting.

The only good news is that as the party broke up in the square, we happened to catch the rest of our team-building group winding down their scavenger hunt. We re-joined them for the last ten minutes and ended up at the Pilsner Restaurant at the Municipal House near Namesti Republiky metro stop. The place a beautifully decorated cellar pub and the food was supposed to be authentic Czech cuisine. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed, having had much better fare in Dresden, about 100km away, but you can't really complain too much as the Pilsner Urqell was flowing like tap water.

The buses weren't supposed to pick us up until 10:30pm but by nine, I was nodding off at the table so I jumped on the Metro and headed back to the room. After all, we have to be back at it by 8:30am tomorrow morning. On the way, back to the room, I saw a really cool ad in the subway station honoring the Carolina Hurricane's Frantisek Kaberle, the Czech hockey player who scored the Stanley Cup winning goal at Game 7 a week ago Monday.

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Jonathan said...

That's cool about the ad for Frankie. Did you take a picture?

If you didn't, could you go back and take one? Do you have the time and remember where it was?