Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Swedish Folk Music

Today's the first day back at work and I'm listening to The Chrysler's Failures and Sparks CD. Wow, is this stuff mellow!

It's probably the wrong choice for the first day back at work in 2 weeks. I needed something with more of a driving beat and urgency to help me slog through all the emails.

But don't get me wrong, this is an amazing album. I don't know how my brother discovered this Swedish band because I'm having a hard time finding out very much about them. This I do know...the band is lead by dual vocalists/guitarists Anders Rudström and Pelle Lindroth and when they harmonize, I hear Simon & Garfunkel mixed with R.E.M. on these tunes. Not a bad combination!

I downloaded this album from eMusic, a great alternative to iTunes and other similar download services. eMusic provides the tunes in MP3 format (with no DRM!) at only 25 cents a song! But I didn't even half to shell out two bits for this album as I nabbed it as part of my introductory 100 song free trial!

Apparently the US version of this album has 5 extra, all-acoustic bonus tracks. Make sure you pick these up as they are my favorites. But then again, how can you go wrong with a song that that starts off "Figo scored a great goal..."

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