Friday, September 26, 2008

She's Here...My new Mini Clubman S

Jarrett's 2008 Mini Clubman S

When I ordered my new Mini Clubman S, I really wanted to get a sunroof but decided it wasn't worth the $1000 adder to the price of the car. Well, as luck would have it, the dealer screwed up and actually ordered the car with the sunroof. So now they are stuck basically giving it to me for free, or ordering me another car and waiting another month to get my money.

Dumb luck, or a sign that it was meant to be??? :)

Here's a couple of more pics the car being detailed at the dealership down in Winston-Salem. I'm off to pick it up first thing in the morning and then I'm going to stop off on my way home to see Joe Biden and Barack Obama speak at the Amtrak depot in downtown Greensboro.

Should be a great day.

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