Friday, January 18, 2008

Disney Trip, Day 6

I realize it has now been about a week since the 6th day of our Disney Trip...return to a busy week of work has distracted me...but now I return to blog the rest of the trip for posterity's sake.

We had a really hard time deciding what to do with our 6th day. With all 4 theme parks done at least once, and a clear vision that we would spend the last day at the Magic Kingdom, it came down to a decision between Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. Max (and me too) really wanted to see the stunt show again and Max wanted to try to get picked for the Jedi training if we went back to the Studios. But other than that, there was very little for the kids at the Studios. Seeing as how they tended to enjoy rides more than shows, we opted for Epcot.

Monorail & Spaceship Earth at Epcot

When we got to the park, it was the day of Disney's Half-Marathon. From the parking lot it looked like it was going to be really busy, but most of those people it turned out were there for the race, not the amusement park. When we got inside the park, it was about opening time. Strangely enough, we had to cross the marathon course to get from the front gate to our first destination...Soarin' and that took about 10 minutes. But the nice part was that the small breaks in the runners metered the crowd so there was no mad rush to the first attraction. Max and I ran ahead and rode first while Molly and Liz took their time. Then we did the Listen to the Land boat ride and then Max and Liz did Soarin' again. We then hit the Living Seas with Nemo & Friends but the kids didn't want to do Turtle Talk again.


From there we did Journey Into Imagination and then headed for our regular stop for lunch at the McDonald's. I refused to eat french fries and nuggets again and held out until we walked around the World Showcase and grabbed a bratwurst in the Biergarten at the Germany pavillion. We breezed on around from country-to-country as there is little of interest to kids there until you get around to Norway and Mexico where we rode the Maelstrom and Three Caballeros boat rides.

Before we did the Mexico ride, we caught Donald hanging out next to the pavilion. Seeing Max's "Dash Incredibles" shirt, Donald challenged him to a turns out that running with web feet is not very efficient and Max literally beat the pants off of him!

From there, we split up and I hit two "adult" rides, Test Track and Mission: Space, while Liz took the kids on Ellen's Energy Adventure. After that, I thought Liz would enjoy the space ride so I suggested she do that while I took the kids to hang out in "Mission Control" where we played a big interactive video game with about twenty other "mission controllers" until Liz's mission was complete. From there, it was a final ride on Spaceship Earth and head for home, having seen almost the entire park (at least the part that interests children) in a little less than 6 hours! It seems we were getting to real pros at this and with practically no waits anywhere, we were covering some real ground quickly.

Back at the townhome, the kids enjoyed one last evening in the pool and we began to pack up knowing that we'd have to check out before heading to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday for the final day of our Disney adventure.


It seems that I must have been a bit photo-weary on Saturday, as I took very few pictures. The ones I did shoot, however, are posted on Flickr.

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