Friday, January 11, 2008

Disney Trip, Day 4


Day 4 was our visit to Epcot. I was a bit worried that we would have trouble entertaining the kids at the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, but all in all, I think they had fun.

For the first time this week, we arrived early enough that by the time we were in the park, we had to wait at the rope line for the official opening. As soon as the they said GO, Max and I hurried ahead to Soarin', a new attraction since the last time I had visited and one that Molly was too short to go on. Soarin' is one of the most popular attactions at EPCOT, and rightfully's a magnificent motion simulator combined with an IMAX-like projection system that really makes you feel like you are flying in a hanglider. Max and I were quick enough that we were in the first sortie of the day and met Liz and Molly at the exit after our flight.

I was a bit worried that it would scare Max, not having done it before myself, but he loved it. In fact, as we exited, we grabbed FastPasses so he and Liz could do it again a little later in the day. While we were in the Land pavilion, we also took the "Listen to the Land" boat ride (Molly loved the greenhouses and giant vegetables) and saw the Circle of Life conservation video before Liz and Max returned for their flight on Soarin'. While we waited on them to soar, Molly and I headed out to the Character Spot and met Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Chip n' Dale for another round of pictures.

Amazingly, Liz and Max met us just as we walked out of the exit from the Character Spot -- perfect timing -- and we headed to the Living Seas pavilion to visit with Nemo and Friends. After taking the clamshell ride into the aquarium, we caught a really cool interactive exhibit called "Turtle Talk with Crush" starring the turtle from Nemo. They asked the kids to ask questions of the turtle and he would respond. Max bravely raised his hand and asked "Where do turtles live?" After answering him, Crush brought out something he had found on the beach -- a bikini top -- and asked Max if he could tell him what it was. Max said it was a "bra" and when Crush asked him what you do with it, he said "You wear it". He then pointed out that HE didn't wear one though! It was hilarious and both Liz and I were very relieved the word "boobies" didn't get mentioned during the exchange! Unfortunately for Molly, she didn't get called on and she was VERY upset about it. She wanted to ask the question "What do turtles do?". I guess now we'll never know.

After the Living Seas, we had our longest wait of the day...for McDonald's Chicken Nuggets at the Refreshment Port. We have been so relieved to find the golden arches when the kids are tired and cranky. Nothing has calmed them down so much as their comfort foods from home.

After the early lunch, we did the Journey into Imagination ride, tinkered in the ImageWorks' interactive exhibit, visited with Figment, played in the jumping fountains, and saw the Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3-D movie. The 3-D movie was a little much for both Max and Molly and by that time they were fried.


With only half of Future World explored, we headed for the gates. On the way out, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Spaceship Earth was operational. The Disney website had listed it as closed for refurbishment but since it was open, we literally walked straight onto the ride for a quick spin before heading home.

At home, the kids and I went for a swim in the pool (ironically, too tired to tour EPCOT does not equal too tired to play in the pool) while Liz recharged with a nap. About 5pm we decided we might just be brave enough to venture back to EPCOT for the evening. After tanking up at IHOP, we went back for the evening.

Max and I rode the Test Track (once again, Molly was too short) while Liz and Molly did Ellen's Energy adventure. We also rode the boat rides at the Mexico and Norway pavilions and then made a trek to the UK pavilion just in time to catch Alice (of Wonderland) and Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger in the toy shop for photos before they headed back the Hundred Acre Woods. At that point, Liz and I were ready to leave, but both Max and Molly were drawn to the Beatles tribute band playing on the bandstand outside the shop. While Max reenacted his favorite parts of Guitar Hero III when "John" soloed on Revolution, Molly shook her booty for all sitting along the curbside to see. After the performance, a retired couple who said they had seen the band play almost every night this week told us that Molly had danced with more conviction than anyone all week!


Exhausted, we all finally headed home for a very late night getting the kids to bed, but with a pretty good one-day tour of EPCOT in the books and only the Animal Kingdom left unvisited.

Pictures from Day 4 of our trip are posted on Flickr.

Spaceship Earth at Night

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